Low rates for International calls. Prepaid calling cards online shop. Lowest rates for calls from USA to Canada, Europe, Russia, UK, Israel, Japan, Africa, India and more then 300 other countries!
Penny Boss $20.00
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN
Maintenance Fee - 89c/week
Rounding - 3 min.Jupiter $20.00
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN
No Maintenance Fee
Rounding - 1 minCheap Call $20.00
Maintenance Fee - 99 c/week
No Connection Fee
Rounding - 3 minContinental $20.00
PIN Free Access! No Maintenance Fee
Speed Dial. Call History
SMS Call, Web Call, Prepaid VOIP. Own 1-800 numberPartner $20.00
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN
Maintenance Fee - 59c/2week
Rounding - 3 minBizon $20.00
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN
No Maintenance Fee
Rounding - 1 minCheapStreet $20.00
Maintenance Fee - 99 c/week
Rounding - 3 minGolden Lotus $20.00
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN
Maintenance Fee - 99c/weekly
Rounding - 3 minMozart $20.00
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN
No Maintenance Fee
Rounding - 1 minRoyal Call $20.00
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN
No Maintenance Fee
Rounding - 1 minLucky Minutes $20.00
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN
Maintenance Fee - 88 c/weeke
Rounding - 3 minSaturn $20.00
Permanent PIN
Maintenance Fee - 59 c/2 weeks
Rounding - 3 minSimply $20.00
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN
Maintenance Fee - 89 c/week
Rounding - 3 minChampion $20.00
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN
No Maintenance Fee
Rounding - 1 min

Prepaid Phone Cards - Lowest rates for calls from USA to Canada, Europe, Russia, UK, Israel, Japan, Africa, India...

Prepaid Phone Cards, Calling Cards
Want to buy a prepaid phone card? But you have doubts?

  • - Pay 20 dollars and talk 500+ mins within USA.
  • - Lowest rates for calls to Europe, Russia, Africa and other countries.
  • - Toll free access from any phone in the US.
  • - You can get your PINs instantly by E-Mail.
  • - Crystal-clear connections, no Internet calls

    Great solutions for everyone:
  • You have relatives in Europe, Russia, Canada or Israel? Do you want to keep in touch with them more often and pay less for telephone conversations? In this case our calling cards are simply created specially for you: We have the LOWEST calling rates for calls to Canada, Russia, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Japan, Israel, Australia, Europe, Africa, India and other countries.
  • Do you travel within the US a lot? Do you have to make a lot of domestic calls from hotel rooms? Then you should know huge charges hotels have if you pick up the phone. We have solution: Use our prepaid phone cards from any pay phone with toll free access code.
  • Are you concerned about privacy? You don't want to let anyone know where you make calls and why you make them? Then your only choice is to get our prepaid calling card! Calling telephone cards are NOT associated with any phone number, address or name. You can use calling cards from ANY pay phone and keep your anonymity.
  • Do your elderly parents like to make phone calls? Give them pleasure of communication over the phone, buy them rechargeable calling card with simple usage instructions and 10-digit easy to remember PIN number! When money on the card is used up, your parents don't have to remember a new PIN, instead you can call us and add money to the existed PIN number.


    How soon will I get a cheap international prepaid card after I order it? It depends on the way of     delivery chosen by you. You can get your PIN by e-mail in a few minutes after order.

    Can I use one and the same international prepaid card for calls to two different countries? Sure,     you can - cheap cards are universal, they can be used for calls to any and all available countries.

    What should I do to buy a prepaid phone card?

    Prepaid calling cards3 Easy Steps:

  • 1 Select a country you wish to call and we will select cards for you with the best rates!
  • 2 Buy the phone card securely online.
  • 3 You receive a PIN and calling instructions instantly on your screen and to your e-mail address.

    How to make a call?

  • You do not have to hold a international phone cards in your hands to use it.
  • You just have to know PIN-code of your cheap calling card and local access number to make a call.
  • A call is made by dialing a local access number of provider (or a toll free 1-800 number), after that you have to enter PIN-code and a number you wish to call.


    Use your Visa, MasterCard and Discover, privacy and security guaranteed. Your privacy and security. Credit card payment transaction is processed by leading e-commerce Payment Transaction Company: VeriSign - Credit Cards Processing Center. Our site does not have access to your credit card number and your private information. Your credit card's data is transferred to VeriSign directly using security protocol for Internet payments - SSL, so the information remains confidential. Site receives confirmation from VeriSign that your payment transaction is completed. You may also use PayPal. Buy phone cards without using credit cards.
    About Calling Cards Online phone cards Calling Card Calls is a partner of a leading Internet communication company based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA since 1996. We find the best possible long distance rates and offers in order to offer them to You. The company has partnered with the premium telecommunication carriers and chooses manufacturers based on the quality of their services, prices and customer feedback. Customer Service: 1-800-219-6993 Mon-Fri 9:30AM-8:00PM EST, Sat 11:00AM-6:00PM EST
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    Cheap calls from USAPrepaid Phone Calling Cards (cheap calls from USA and other countries)
    Prepaid calling cards. Prepaid Phone Card


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