Arbat card provides low calling rates from Russia and several other countries to many destinations. Indicated Rates are valid for Moscow Access numbers. Rates for calls from other Cities or Countries are higher +7c/min.
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Buy Calling Cards Online - Arbat prepaid phone card. Card Information.

Buy Arbat Phone Card.Arbat phone card offers extremely low calling rates from Russia to many destinations. Calling card provides Local Access Numbers in Moscow, St. Peterburg and other major cities in Russia. Arbat prepaid phone card DOES NOT have Connection/Maintenance Fees. Enjoy reliable High Quality connection and Low Rates with Arbat! Indicated Rates are valid for Moscow Access numbers. Rates for calls from other Cities or Countries are higher ( +7c/min ).
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  • No Connection Fee
  • Maintenance Fee - No
  • Rounding - 30 seconds
  • Toll Free Access Numbers - No
  • Local Access Numbers - Yes
  • Tax - No
  • PayPhone Charge - N/A
  • Validity period - 3 months
  • Prompt Languages - English, Russian
  • See Domestic Rates in Russia


    Arbat Dialing Instructions

  • 1. Dial Local Access Number
  • 2. After the Prompt
      Switch your phone if necessary to Tone Mode (Press (*) key)
      Enter PIN-code
  • 3. After the Prompt, Dial your Destination Number and press (*) key

    International call:
    810 + Country code + City code + Phone number + (*)

    Domestic call:
    8 + Area code + Phone number + (*)

    To disconnect call, make another call, or if you made a mistake dialing your number, do not hang up, just Press # key.

    If Destination number is busy and you prefer to redial, Press #. If you prefer to dial another number, press (*) key.

    Arbat Card Customer Service in Moscow 792-5410 (24 hours).

    For questions regarding sales or services, please contact us.

    Access Numbers

  • Russia
    Moscow (Russian) 363-6311 30 lines
    Moscow (Russian) 363-2666 30 lines
    Moscow (Russian) 969-2307 30 lines
    Moscow (Russian) 787-8787 30 lines
    Moscow (Russian) 363-1420 30 lines
    Moscow (Russian) 363-1421 multi-channel
    Moscow (English) 787-8701 multi-channel
    Moscow (China) 787-8702 multi-channel
    S. Peterburg 103-3594 30 lines
    S. Peterburg 336-5715 multi-channel
    Chernogolovka (Moscow Region) 096-577-3134 multi-channel
    Chelyabinsk 68-68-68 multi-channel
    Kaliningrad 57-16-16
    Krasnoyarsk 56-07-22
    Murom 349-10-11 multi-channel
    Omsk 28-92-92
    Orel 40-20-80 multi-channel
    Smolensk 62-48-99 multi-channel
    Ufa 90-01-08 multi-channel
    Vladimir 33-55-22 multi-channel
    Voronezh 59-99-92 multi-channel
    Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 42-45-42 multi-channel
    Kharkov 14-93-32
    Zaporozhia 18-41-67 multi-channel

    This Card can be used from Russia click on country to see rates

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