GreenCard We offer you the most favourable prepaid calling cards for United States available today. International & Domestic Calls in U.S.A, cheap phones cards North America. US, USA, America, U.S.A, U.S.
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Buy Calling Cards Online - Green Phone Card. Card Information.

Green Phone Card. Card Information.GreenCard We offer you the most favourable prepaid calling cards for United States available today. With faster service, live support, and no questions asked money back guarantee, we provide you calling rates much lower than AT&T's, MCI's, Sprint's and many other long-distance service providers

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    We guarantee money back for our services with no questions asked! We guarantee money back for our product with no questions asked. If you are not satisfied with the service, call us and we will issue full or partial refund for unused balance on a prepaid phone card that you purchased from us today, yesterday or six months ago. Time doesn't matter!

    You can call any and all of the available countries using a single card. You don't have to wait while your card will be mailed: you can get your PIN number via E-Mail right after processing your order and you can start using it immediately! Also we can give your PINs over the Phone, Fax or Regular Mail upon request.

    GreenCard - Best rates for International Phone Calls: (from USA)

  • USA and Canada - 3.0 c/minFrance - 3.7 c/minFinland - 4.0 c/min
    Germany - 4.0 c/minMoscow (Russia) - 4.0 c/minUK - 4.5 c/min
    Australia - 5.0 c/minAustria - 5.0 c/minSweden - 5.0 c/min
    Switzerland - 5.0 c/minSt.Petersburg (Russia) - 5.5 c/minWarsaw (Poland) - 6 c/min
    Czech Republic - 6.7 c/minKiev (Ukraine) - 7.0 c/minItaly - 8.0 c/min
    Netherlands - 8.0 c/minPoland - 8.0 c/minRussia - 10.0 c/min



    We Accept You can use any of major credit cards to make an online order: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover.


    Nobelcom prepaid phone cards
    Nobelcom - Online phone cards store. Great savings on international calls from North America. Nationwide access by toll-free phone number and instant PIN activation. This service is a little less expensive than PC-to-Phone calling but not available from all the countries.

    Nobelcom - Online phone cards storeThe best part about these cards is they will save you fortune! We highly recommend the no-connect fee calling cards. Examples of no-connection fee calling card rates include:

    Calling From:
    Calling To:

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    Best Rates c/min
    - USA - 1.00 c/min - Canada - 2.00 c/min- France - 2.30 c/min- Spain - 2.38 c/min- Germany - 2.30 c/min- Hong Kong - 1.50 c/min- Russia - 1.90 c/min- UK - 2.30 c/min- Australia - 2.50 c/min- Austria - 2.10 c/min- China - 2.30 c/min- Switzerland - 2.56 c/m- India - 9.00 c/min- Indonesia - 3.90 c/min- Poland - 3.00 c/min- Singapore - 1.50 c/min- Sweden - 2.28 c/min- Israel - 2.80 c/min- Italy - 2.40 c/min- Japan - 2.50 c/min- Korea South - 1.50 c/min- Mexico - 3.30 c/min- Ukraine - 8.30 c/min- Other Countries - info

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