Find the best discount long distance services for intrastate, interstate, and international calls to save you money !
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Find the best discount long distance services.
  • Vivaldi phone card works on the basis of IP-telephony. It is designed for local and long distance phone calls from personal computer (PC) to any phone in the world. Rates depend on destination country only! No Fees! Online Account Management! Available all over the world!

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    Gift PC-to-Phone Card 02-02-2007 With the holiday season upon us, our online Gift Cards are the perfect present for just about anybody... even that person who "has everything".

    Purchase a Gift Card for any amount and the recipient can choose the phone card they redeem it for! We have a vast range of phone cards with global reach and various special features. How can you go wrong?

    Once you buy your gift card we'll send you an email containing a PIN number and a link all that's needed for the phone card purchase. Just send this information to your friend or loved one and they're all set!

    The holidays are about getting together. About sharing and memories. Our domestic and international phone cards give that gift over and over

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    Nobelcom - offers cheap phone cards for domestic and international use. Nobelcom prepaid phone cards have domestic U.S. rates as low as 1.5 cents per minute. With nobelcom phonecard, you can have very reliable connection, no connection fees and lowest rate in the U.S. and lowest rate to any country from U.S. international calling cards are also available. international calling card deals include calls to Pakistan, Vietnam, China, Turkey, Mexico, Japan, Asia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Kuwait, Israel, Canada, Iran, Bangladesh, Russia, Kazakhstan and more. Cheap phone card, prepaid phone card long distance phone cards. cheap international phone card, phone calling cards, pre paid phone card. cheap international phone cards. international prepaid phone card and global phone cards. global phonecards, low cost phone cards are made possible by Nobelcom since all transactions are done electronically! You can buy your card online and your access code will be emailed to you rifght away, so that you can enjoy these lowest calling rates immediately! calling cards for eastern europe, prepaid calling cards romania, pre-paid calling cards and overseas phone calling cards like cheap calling cards to india, prepaid international calling card, canadian calling cards, online calling cards. discount calling cards and mexico calling cards. asia calling card, china calling card, domestic calling cards are among prepaid calling cards available to buy online.

    Nobelcom - Online phone cards storeThe best part about these cards is they will save you fortune! We highly recommend the no-connect fee calling cards. Examples of no-connection fee calling card rates include:

    Calling From:
    Calling To:


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