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Buy Calling Cards Online - Time Zones Converter.

WorldWide time zones converter
When you make an International phone call, it is very good to know, what time there is in the city you calling to. For that purpose you can use our Time Zone Convertion tool: From the list of the cities below, select your destination city. You will see a current local date and time for this city. If you want to see local time in the some hours in the future, you only need to change value of the "You want to see" option.
Also, at the bottom of this page you can see the list of the world time zones (from GMT-12 to GMT+12) with their current local times.
Note: you must have JavaScript enabled to use this tool!


Your local Date and Time:
Select a city:
You want to see:
Local Date and Time of selected city:

* Local daylight saving time/summer time for this city is unwarranted, so there can be ±1 hour deviation from the real local time.
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, UTC): 

Azores (GMT-1):
Mid-Atlantic Time (GMT-2):
Brazilia (GMT-3):
Atlantic Daylight Time (GMT-3):
Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4):
Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4):
Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5):
Central Daylight Time (GMT-5):
Central Standard Time (GMT-6):
Mountain Daylight Time (GMT-6):
Mountain Standard Time (GMT-7):
Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7):
Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8):
Alaska Daylight Time (GMT-8):
Alaska Standard Time (GMT-9):

Hawaii-Aleutian (GMT-10):
Samoa (GMT-11):
Eniwetok (GMT-12):
Rome (GMT+1):
Israel (GMT+2):
Moscow (GMT+3):
Baku (GMT+4):
New Delhi (GMT+5):
Dhakar (GMT+6):
Bangkok (GMT+7):
Hong Kong (GMT+8):
Tokyo (GMT+9):
Sydney (GMT+10):
Magadan (GMT+11):
Wellington (GMT+12):


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